Many people wonder what tea can do for your health. We all know that tea is delicious, but what effects does it have on your body? Well, the health benefits of tea depend upon the type of tea you are consuming. So, without further ado, let me TEAch you about some of the healthy benefits that come with drinking tea!


Depending upon the distinct tea you are drinking, you can gain multiple health benefits. Tea has the ability to help with everything from your respiratory system to your digestive system. It can help you relax, feel good, and focus more on what you feel you need to. It even has the ability to lower the risk of obtaining cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. In other words, there are so many beneficial abiliTEAs that this drink provides.


How does tea have this effect on one’s body, you ask? Well natural teas, such as the variety Pahadi Tea offers, contain antioxidants that help reduce the risk of such diseases as cancer. The compounds in certain teas, such as green tea, for instance, have this innate ability to help one’s body process sugars better, which is especially beneficial for those with diabetes. Much like milk is believed to do, tea also protects your bones and helps make them strong based upon some of the components that are in certain types of teas. Tea, of course, also helps you to stay hydrated! This is so helpful when coming from places such as Arizona, where Pahadi Tea is located, or India, where we get our products.


Tea has so many amazing effects on your body, mind, and spirit. It soothes you in an abundance of ways that help you to stay relaxed and focused, all while gaining a sense of satisfaction. Pahadi Tea offers an incredible assortment of delicious and healthy teas. In other words, we have a true varieTEA! All of our teas that we provide are made fresh from the hills of India, and we put our heart into the product. When you are happy with our tea, it makes Pahadi Tea happy. It is a mutually beneficial relationship.


All in all, tea certainly has a multitude of health benefits. Check out our website and different teas for more healthtea information, and please contribute to our Pahadi TEAm!!!