Your body is a temple. What you do with it and how you take care of it can directly relate to how you feel inside and out each and every day. So what can you do to help cleanse and ease this hard-working body of yours? Practicing the art of yoga and drinking soothing tea are two great things to do! That is why Sedona Yoga and Pahadi Tea have partnered together for the Sedona Yoga Festival to help your body feel as amazing as it should!


How does doing yoga and drinking tea relate, you ask? Both yoga and tea focus on some core necessities of the body. Yoga can lift your spirit, ease your mind, and help you recover from a long day of work. Tea can soothe your insides, elevate your energy, and on top of that, it tastes great! 


Yoga and Pahadi Tea both incorporate strong Indian traditions, as well. The tea sold by Pahadi Tea comes directly from the beautiful hills of Northeast India. The tea is made only from natural and fresh ingredients made by Mother Earth. When you drink Pahadi Tea, you not only receive a delicious tasting warm beverage, as you also receive the incredible energy that comes from drinking pure, organic, and natural flavors that elevate your health. Yoga, much like Pahadi Tea, focuses on you, your body, and your spiritual nature. Participating in this event can strengthen your inner consciousness and unlock your mind, body, and soul in order to receive the positivity you deserve. 


If you want to try something new, try practicing the art of Yoga, as well as trying out Pahadi Tea’s new products. Maharaja Chai Tea, which is an exotic flavor of herbs, fruit mélange, and spices. It has the typical spicy chai taste with a sweet apple flavor that blends together perfectly. As with everything Pahadi Tea sells, it is all natural and handpicked from Northeast India. Some of the spices that Maharaja Chai Tea incorporates include chamomile flowers, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, apple bits, and more. Ayurvedic Tea is another new product that brings to you a delicious and healthy way to cleanse your body. It can assist you with your digestive system and help ease your anxiety. You cannot spell health without heal, so the first step to getting good health is to heal your body.


Trying out our different teas, such as the ones mentioned above, and practicing yoga regularly can greatly benefit your life each day.